Why We Don’t Use Radiant Heat Panels

When we say we do not advocate using radiant electric heat, we are suggesting that if one were to simply use a multimeter electrical tester, one could easily determine that Direct Electrical heat does the body harm by actually entering into one’s tissues and causing havoc.

Some hot yoga studios use the panels because they are very inexpensive to install ($5000 for a yoga room vs. $50,000 -$100000 for a gas furnace set up).

There is also a new trend of a new sauna fitness franchise who’s parent company is a national tanning salon.  Your skin and tissues are not in their best interest.

Simply put radiant electric heat sources contaminate the electric system of any plant or organism and essentially allow the cells deep within the body to become engorged with calcium and their ultimate destruction shortly after . This is true of any electric heat source which is not heating the air but is heating the the subject from the inside out directly as a result of the absorption of those frequencies/wavelengths.

Other types, such as far infrared heaters which are also invisible light sources, cause cumulative retinal damage to the eye and damage to the skin forcing the skin to break down collagen instead of stimulate its creation.  This is VERY different than the low wattage and specific wavelengths/frequencies that skin care professionals use to safely stimulate collagen for anti-wrinkle treatments.

The frequencies are not the same, not even close!  All collagen stimulation is not beneficial.  Too much/too strong a frequency will cause damage that cannot be repaired:  Wrinkling, Photoaging, and possible cell death. The Arndt–Schulz law  states that there is only a narrow window of opportunity where you can actually activate a beneficial cellular response using precise sets of parameters [ M.Y. Akhalaya, et al. “Molecular action mechanisms of solar infrared radiation and heat on human skin”  Ageing Res. Rev., 16 (2014), pp. 1–11]. This biphasic effect is described thoroughly by Huang et al. [Y.Y. Huang, et al. “Biphasic dose response in low level light therapy — an update” Dose–Response, 9 (4) (2011), pp. 602–618].  This means that frequencies outside what is beneficial have deleterious results.  Manufacturers such as LightStim, producers of the industries best quality of Anti-Aging LED lamps contain 4 very precise wavelengths of color amber-605nm, red-630nm, red-660nm and infrared-855nm to heal damaged skin and wrinkles.

Infrared (IR) energy  has been divided into three bands: IR-A (760–1400 nm), IR-B (1400–3000 nm), and IR-C (3000 nm–1 mm). IR radiation can penetrate the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue to differing extents depending on the exact wavelength range being studied. Exposure to IR is perceived as heat. Even a relatively low irradiance of IR may lead to an intradermal temperature rise (inside-out heating).

“Other studies have been carried out to determine the effects on human skin cells of IR-A radiation from another type of artificial light source: Hydrosun 500 emitting extraordinarily high irradiance (average: 360 mW/cm2) (at 760–1400 nm), far from what the sun is capable even at zenithal conditions (at noon in the tropics). In a 2002 article by Schieke et al., human dermal fibroblasts were irradiated with this source. The cells were exposed to IR-A radiation in the range of 760–1400 nm, from 10 and 60 min, with a corresponding fluence range of 200–1200 J/cm2. This translates to an irradiance range of 333–2000 mW/cm2. Matrix metalloproteinase 1 (MMP-1), the collagenase involved in the normal turnover of skin collagen was found to be upregulated in the irradiated cells [14].”  That means collagen was damaged…collagenase is the enzyme that breaks down collagen which cause wrinkling and aging of the skin.